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Streaming dataflow

At its core, Kelp utilizes an event streaming architecture with functional reactive components for event processing. This approach enables Kelp to support a broad range of use cases, including interactive data visualizations, operational tools, and real-time analytics.

Visual programming

Quickly prototype and test ideas with an intuitive visual programming interface that makes creating and understanding data flow and processing steps simple. Construct complex parallel and asynchronous flows with just a drag-and-drop interface, without the need for complex coding.
The following example makes an HTTP call for every clickstream event. Below is the corresponding RxJS code for comparison.

Composable components

Kelp supports hundreds of self-contained functional components, such as data connectors, stream operators, and UI widgets. These components can be combined to create new components and reusable groups, providing greater flexibility and adaptability.

Multi-source connectivity

Securely and reliably connect to nearly any REST and GraphQL APIs, databases, and SSE streams through the universal Kelp data gateway. Easily combine data from multiple sources in one app for ultimate flexibility. You need not worry about various protocols, security, scalability, and maintenance of your integrations.
The Kelp data gateway proxies all requests from your app to the backend data sources and APIs without storing any data internally. Credentials for secured connections are securely stored and retrieved from the vault without ever being exposed on the client side.

Powerful data transformations

Kelp supports powerful data transformations on-wire using the JSON query languages KelpQL and JMESPath. These transformation expressions can filter, join, split, and extend events passing between components.
Data transformations so powerful, they can turn a humble donut into an Everything Bagel with sprinkles of insights and a glaze of intelligence.
-- Mr. Otter
KelpQL offers over 280 functions for working with arrays, numbers, objects, strings, and other methods. It enables you to manipulate data in transit in powerful ways, facilitating tasks such as:
  • Filtering or selecting specific fields of data
  • Joining and splitting streams of data
  • Extending or enriching data by adding new fields
  • Performing calculations or type conversions
  • And more
KelpQL Playground

Interactive data visualizations

Are you frustrated with limited BI tools and stuck using generic charts? We understand your struggles. Kelp offers a wide range of customizable, data-driven visualization widgets, including the powerful Vega visualization library. You can easily build your own unique interactive data visualizations. Your data deserves a visual representation that highlights its true insights.

Streamlined one-click deployment

Kelp provides a streamlined one-click deployment process, enabling you to easily deploy and share your apps with just a few clicks. We manage all the underlying infrastructure to ensure your apps are highly available, scalable, and secure, so you can focus on building great applications.

Secure and Reliable

Kelp provides a secure coding environment and dependable data connections, safeguarding your information and secrets. With Kelp, you have granular control over user access to applications and resources, allowing you to manage permissions with a high degree of precision.

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