Kelp is a low-code visual development platform for building interactive data-driven applications. No traditional coding required.

The tools you need to build your own tools.

With innovative features and no-code experience, Kelp accelerates application development.

Kelp lifecycle

Complete web app development environment in the cloud.

Kelp isn’t just a pretty visual editor. We give you the tools for a full-cycle app development from design to deployment to adminstration and monitoring.

Simple visual control flow editor.

Connect functional and visualization components together to define how the data and interactions are flowing through. Focus on business logic and leave the rest of the coding complexity for Kelp to handle.

Coordinated visualizations powered by streaming data.

Custom interactions and coordinated visualizations help you to express deeper relationships of your data. Never look back at static reports. See your data in its true real-time nature.

Kelp components

Rich library of composable and reusable components.

Save time with our pre-built React components and data visualizations. Make your own library and share it with your team to build faster together.

Live preview and instant publishing.

See changes immediately in the Viewer as you make them. Test your app with data on the fly. Deploy and share in one-click.

A developer can be anyone.

Kelp isn’t just for developers. Everyone from professional developer to business user can build solutions for their needs. Fast and easy.


Workers know their needs and challenges. There's no one more qualified to build apps that make their life better. Now anyone can become a developer.


Demand for developers and their time is growing. With Kelp developers can create more than it was possible before and focus on building core capabilities.

Business/IT Leaders

The inherent value of a Kelp platform is that it brings IT and the business together, enabling more rapid, iterative, and collaborative development.

Take Kelp for a spin

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