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Kelp is a visual development platform for operational tools and real-time analytics.
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Build data apps faster.

Kelp's visual development interface lets you design and develop apps in one seamless experience. Say goodbye to writing tons of boilerplate code and focus solely on your app's business logic and data.

Outperform your static reports.

Create highly interactive UIs and visualizations that enable you to unearth deeper insights from your data. Don't stop at insights though - make them actionable by integrating with operational APIs.

Centralize your Operational Intelligence.

Connect to virtually any APIs and databases across different protocols. Mash up data from various sources directly within your apps.

See what others do not.

With customizable charts and a wide selection of pre-designed templates and UI components, you can create expressive custom visualizations that make your data easier to understand and communicate.

Compose and (app)scale.

Leverage composable architecture to build complex tools from simple building blocks, similar to Lego pieces. Develop modular, scalable, and easily maintainable applications. Share and reuse your work with your team or community.

Shorten time from idea to action.

Kelp has everything you need to cover full development workflow, from design to deployment. All your apps are instantly live and ready to be shared.

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